The video production ordering process

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The video production ordering process

159   2023-11-06

This documentation is a comprehensive and streamlined resource designed to facilitate the ordering process for video production packages. This documentation provides a clear and systematic framework, ensuring effective communication between our clients and our team. It encompasses initial brief submission, quote request creation, access to client portal materials, payment procedures, and guidelines for providing content, particularly for speaking elements. This documentation aims to enhance the efficiency and transparency of our services, allowing clients to understand and navigate the process with ease while maintaining professionalism and precision throughout.

1. Providing the Initial Brief

To streamline the process of ordering a video production package, we request that customers provide us with a comprehensive brief. This brief should consist of the following components:

  • Company Introduction: An introduction to your company, outlining its background and core values.
  • Aim/Purpose of the Video: Clearly define the purpose or objective of the video. What message or story do you intend to convey?
  • Target Audience: Specify the intended audience for the video, such as customers, employees, investors, or other relevant groups.
  • Expected Success Factors: Clearly outline the anticipated success factors for the video. What results or outcomes are you aiming for?
  • Filming Dates: Provide the requested dates for filming to ensure we can accommodate your schedule.
  • Filming Locations: Identify the location(s) where filming is planned to take place.

We have provided a Word document that you can download to use for your brief. You can download the document on this link.

2. Quote Request Creation

Upon receiving the above information, we will collaborate with the client to better understand their objectives. Together, we will develop a final quote request, which will encompass all necessary information. The price will be determined based on these specifics. It is essential that the client communicates all project requirements at this stage, as any requests beyond the scope of this document will result in separate billable charges.

3. Client Portal Access and Agreement

Once the quote request is established, we will create a user account for the client in our client portal. Within this portal, the client can access essential documents, including:

  • Quote: This document outlines the project's estimated cost based on provided specifics.
  • Statement of Work: A comprehensive document that details the scope of the project, including schedules and deadlines.
  • Agreement: The contract containing all terms and conditions and responsibilities.

The client should thoroughly review these documents before accepting the quote. The timelines set out in these documents are the exact timelines included in the price. Any delays caused by the client's lack of preparedness will result in additional charges.

4. Invoice and Payment Terms

Upon the client's acceptance of the quote, the system will generate an invoice and establish payment installments. In some instances, such as special offers, full payment will be due upfront. The typical format comprises an initial deposit payment upon acceptance, with the remaining balance due upon project completion. However, alternative payment plans can be arranged for larger projects.

5. Audio Planning Requirements

If the client has ordered spoken content in their video, the client must provide the script no later than 3 days before the shoot. For further details on planning the speaking elements, please refer to the audio planning documentation for more information.

6. Background Music

We will request the client to provide their chosen music file for the video's background music. This music should not exceed the total length of the package ordered. All audio must be legally obtained, and the client must hold the necessary rights for its use. In cases where the client does not possess suitable audio, we will provide a link to our stock provider for selection.

7. Graphics

The client is responsible for supplying all graphics required for video completion, including logos and any other relevant elements.

8. Pre-Production

At this stage we will begin the pre-production stage where we will finalise the planning for the project.  For more information see our video production procedure documentation

We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to this professional and straightforward process. Should you have any questions or require further clarification at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance. Your satisfaction and project success are our top priorities.


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