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Packages From £125.00

Innov8 Digital Media LTD provides versatile audio production services to businesses in North Wales, the rest of UK and further afield, tailored to a wide range of audio needs. Whether you're an artist, podcaster, audiobook producer, or in search of captivating audio 360 tours, we've got you covered.

Equipped with top-notch audio gear, we empower you to create exceptional audio content. From recording to post-production, we provide the tools and expertise needed to elevate your projects to professional standards.

Audio is crucial for businesses because it enhances engagement and communication. For instance, podcasters can leverage audio to effectively connect with their audience, offering specialized support such as editing and distribution to ensure their content reaches a wider demographic. Audiobook producers can harness audio to transform literature into captivating audio renditions, making literary works more accessible and engaging for listeners. Furthermore, businesses like museums can utilize audio to create immersive Audio 360 Tours, using cutting-edge technology to transport visitors to virtual environments, enriching their experience and making it perfect for various industries such as real estate and beyond.

Innov8 Digital Media LTD's Audio Production Services category offers a comprehensive solution for high-quality audio production, ensuring your creative endeavors shine.

Pricing Options

For standard projects, we offer a range of pre-packaged solutions that can be customised to meet your needs. Our pricing is determined based on hours and audio length, and you have the flexibility to include extra elements such as additional locations, equipment, and services like interviews, and video production. Each package allows for 1 audio engineer, 1 6 channel recorder, and 1 DJI Mic system.

For larger, more complex projects, we will create a unique package customized to your specific needs. Our daily rates for audio production start at £300 per day, and our audio editing services start at £300 per day.

Additional expenses related to equipment, locations, and supplementary services will be incorporated into the final quotation. We take great pride in delivering transparent and competitive pricing while upholding the utmost standards of professionalism, ensuring exceptional quality in all our undertakings.

Why Choose Innov8 Digital Media for Audio Production?

We love creating audio and are passionate about using it to help other businesses. We can help you produce unique audio content that will make you stand out from the crowd and increase engagement.


We pride ourselves on creating cost effective productions to match your budget without compromising on quality.

Planning Help

If you do not have a plan for your audio we can guide you through the planning stage, or we can provide you with a scripting service and take care of it for you.

Professional Equipment

We continually invest in professional audio equipment to ensure that we can provide the best possible audio production service to your business.

Flexible Licensing

We pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible with our licensing. Find out more about our Video Production licensing...

Audio Recording Service North Wales

From £125.00

Enhance live acts, online courses, and music production with our premium audio recording service, delivering professional-grade sound for your creative projects.

View Audio Recording Service

Podcast Production Service North Wales

From £175.00

Unleash your voice and passions through our professional podcasting services. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to boost your business or an enthusiast eager to share your hobbies, we've got you covered. Our tailored podcasting solutions simplify the process, allowing you to connect with a global audience, share your unique perspective, and leave a lasting impact.

View Podcast Production Service