Our DJI Phantom 3


1 available.

Our DJI Phantom 3, was released in 2015 and is a high-performance drone that is more suited for larger, more professional shoots. The Phantom 3 is a heavier drone, weighing in at 1216 grams. The Phantom 3 boasts 2.7K and FHD @ 24/25/30 FPS, and 12 MP photos.

The Phantom 3 can resist winds of 22 mph making filming in the outdoors more stable.

Due to our Remote Pilots being A2CofC qualified, despite the Phantom 3's weight of 1216 grams, we are able to fly it in the A1, A2 and A3 category, meaning the 150m rule is no longer relevant to this drone, it must however still be flown 50 meters away from uninvolved people, and must not be flown over uninvolved people.