Zoom H1N Portable Recorder


1 available. Add this equipment to your project for £10.00 per day.

The H1n features X/Y microphones that excel in capturing high-quality stereo sound, supporting audio recording at 24-bit quality and offering a choice of sampling rates: 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz, available in both WAV and various MP3 formats.

It now boasts one-touch button controls, simplifying the recording process for a wide range of applications, including music, film audio, lectures, podcasts, and more. Additionally, the H1n incorporates a new monochromatic 1.25-inch LCD display that remains easily legible even under bright lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the device includes an advanced onboard limiter capable of delivering distortion-free recordings even when subjected to sound levels as high as 120 dB SPL, ensuring pristine audio capture for even the loudest of musical performances.