Rode NTG4+


1 available. Add this equipment to your project for £25.00 per day.

The NTG4+ stands as a professional shotgun microphone boasting an extensive range of features that enhance its remarkable versatility. Its exceptionally lightweight design renders it perfect for utilization on a boom or camera. With its low-noise circuitry and pristine audio output, it excels not only in capturing sound on location but also in voice-over and livestreaming scenarios.

This microphone exhibits a highly focused supercardioid polar pattern and incorporates various functions, including a high-pass filter, a -10dB pad for recording louder sound sources, and a high-frequency boost to counteract the muffled effects of a fluffy windshield. It can be powered either via P48 phantom power or its internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which offers a remarkable 150+ hours of operation on a single charge.