Presonus StudioLive AR12c


1 available. Add this equipment to your project for £50.00 per day.

The PreSonus StudioLive AR12c provides the perfect balance between analog performance and modern day innovations, delivering a highly versatile recording and mixing unit with a range of quality components. The larger rotary knobs for the main level controls allow us to precisely dial in your levels with ease. The mixer features 14 channels each with a 3-band EQ (not including the Super Channel) including four stereo channels and four mono channels.

The mixer also features both mic and line inputs allowing you to record directly from the mixer from a range of equipment. The StudioLive AR12c also features 48V Phantom Power, allowing us to record compatible devices such as condenser microphones. Additionally, the mixer features rotary controls for Solo Master, Control Room, Phones, FX, Monitoring, Main and more.